The winery Grandes Vinos obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Grandes Vinos is a story of union. Cariñena is wine and gives its name to a variety of grape, it is the only place in the world that does this, the best way to express the union of this land with its wine. With a winemaking tradition dating back to 1950, in 1997 more than 700 winegrowers joined together to create Grandes Vinos with one goal: to bring the exciting wine-producing legacy of Cariñena to anywhere in the world.

The legacy and passion of the wines in Cariñena have passed down from generation to generation, from fathers to sons. At Grandes Vinos we are committed with the next generation of winemaking, a clean and environmentally friendly culture, a legacy with a big future.

"The fruits of our legacy"

From the vineyard to the table, Grandes Vinos imprints the legacy of Cariñena on each of the bottles that produces. This is due to its range of wines with a more classic palate, as well as new proposals designed for those looking for something fresh and casual.

For this reason, we consider that the quality and diversity of our vineyards make up the perfect starting point for wines. Consequently, these wines are born with the purpose of conquering all kinds of palates.


Anayón is the premium collection of the winery, since it represents in detail the selection of our vineyards.

Consequently, unique; for its soils, climates, altitudes, vineyard conditions, as well as the ages of its varieties.


Vineyards located at more than 500 meters of altitude and vines, both native and international varieties.

As a result, with more than 40 years old, these vineyards give rise to this brand of top quality wines.

de las Viñas

One of the Spanish brands with the greatest international presence. Result of vineyards that come entirely from Aguarón, one of the highest areas, and with higher quality production. Located within the Cariñena Protected Designation of Origin.

Our sustainable grape seed

Grandes Vinos develops its wine production and marketing activity through an integrated management system that covers relevant aspects. Aspects such as, for example, quality, environment and food safety. In short, Grandes Vinos is committed with its strategy to the maximum protection of the environment.

The winery has certificates, for example: ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment. Additionally, also International Food and Standard IFS, and British Retail Consortium BRC. Likewise, it does so with the ECO-PROWINE label, which confirms our commitment to the environment.