The winery Bodegas César Velasco obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodegas César Velasco, which is located in Villarrobledo (Albacete), belongs to the third family generation. As a result, over a century, it has produced a unique wine, aged and pampered in centuries-old clay pots. These jars were made in this town by 19 different potters.

What distinguishes us, as well as identifies us and makes us more sustainable, is the use of natural materials; both in the production process and in our wines’ rest. The use of these porous clay jars contribute to the clarification, as well as the refining of the wines in a natural way.

"Be temperate in drinking, considering that too much wine does not keep secrets, nor does it keep a word"

Chapter XLIII 2nd part of "El ingenioso hidalgo D. Quijote de la Mancha".

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades (laminio), pertenecientes a BODEGAS CÉSAR VELASCO

To this artisan seal, recognized for the elaboration in exclusive clay jars, respect and conservation of natural resources is added. For this reason, the objective is to achieve the minimum environmental impact in our elaborations.

An added value of our winery is the ECO-PROWINE label. Obtained thanks to the effort of having adopted measures, such as the reduction in the consumption of energy, additives and adjuvants. In addition to having achieved a reduction in pollution waste and emissions. The objective: to mentalize and transmit to our customers the consumption of a more respectful product.

Laminio gewürztraminer joven

This variety, more widespread in cold countries, has been cultivated in our farm for more than 20 years. Pale yellow wine with intense aromas of white flowers. Also, to melon, tropical fruits, lime and herbaceous. As a result, balanced, unctuous, fresh and with great persistence.

Laminio tempranillo joven

From vines with 60 years old. Subjected to a controlled fermentation with its native yeasts for 10 days. In addition, with a malolactic fermentation in a 4,000-liter clay pot. Exclusive wine of intense cherry red color, as well as red fruits aromas. Also, black currant, blackberry, and prune.

Candelecho gewürztraminer

Obtained from 100% gewürztraminer variety with a differentiated elaboration, giving rise to a unique orange wine.

In addition, it is the only white wine that ferments with its skins. Therefore, production is very limited.

Our sustainable grape seed

Everyone who participates in this way of life is very aware of the responsible use of energy and water; we work in the fields:

  • Specifically in our vineyards; we apply responsible work and treatments; we have eliminated the use of herbicides, and the use of insecticides is insignificant.
  • In the winery, we have significantly reduced the weight of glass in the bottles, and we use recycled cardboard and corks from the cork trees.
  • In the use of oenological products, we are very aware of two premises: on one hand, moderation in their use, and on the other hand, maintaining our philosophy of making young wines in the most natural possible way. Besides, the addition of allergens is much lower than the legal limits established, so in practice, we would be talking about eco wines.