The winery Bodegas San Alejandro obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodegas San Alejandro was founded in Miedes (Zaragoza) in 1962. In fact, it arose as a result of the joint efforts of a small group of farmers. As was customary then, this cooperative took the name of a saint, specifically, San Alejandro, whose remains are found inside the Franciscan convent, in the municipality. There is also history in the logo, which is inspired by the reliquary venerated by the oldest brotherhood in town. In fact, this reliquary is preserved in the altar of its church of San Pedro, from the 14th century.

Currently, it is the largest winery (both in vineyard area, in production and wine sales) of the Designation of Origin of Calatayud. High-altitude vineyards with different orientations, as well as exceptional soils, which together, with the age of their vines, produce vintages of exquisite quality.

"Different by nature"

Cinco vinos de diferentes variedades de la marca Bodegas San Alejandro

Since 1962, at Bodegas San Alejandro we have been making grenache wines, which are recognized throughout the world. They inspire and delight, thanks to the nature of our vineyards.

We seal with our identity, with the personality of our mother earth, as well as with what we are. Also, with what makes us different, each of our wines, in each bottle.

Because we are moved by the same passion: the WINE.

Baltasar Gracián rosado

Attractive bright pink color with reddish hues. Clean, fresh and fruity. Very intense aromas of flower, raspberry and strawberry. On the palate it presents a very good balance, elegant, persistent, as well as an aftertaste of fresh fruit.


Baltasar Gracián Viñas Viejas

Cherry red colour. Aromas of forest fruits and red fruits, which transport us to the mountain vineyard where the old grenache vineyards are located. They accompany subtle tones of wood, as well as balsamic and mineral aromas.

Therefore, it is silky in the mouth, with great flavor and full of fruit nuances, for a long and balanced finish.

Baltasar Gracián blanco

Pale yellow color with greenish tones. On the nose it presents intense aromas of fennel and citrus, as well as stone fruit. As a result, its excellent balance between alcohol and acidity makes it pleasant, elegant, balsamic, smooth and fresh on the palate.

Our sustainable grape seed

Organic farming is a commitment closely related to the concern about the future of the planet. This practice improves the life of our floors, it is respectful with the environment. As a result, it increases biodiversity and promotes a healthier diet.

It is a social commitment, as well as a sustainability one, and Bodegas San Alejandro has made a strong commitment to this model. For this reason, more than a third of its vineyard was converted to this type of cultivation, and more hectares are being added each year.

Among our plans for the future, is also to regenerate the life of our soils. In this way, being able to have a more balanced system between the plant and the soil, in order to maintain our unique wine heritage.