The winery Bodega La Casa de Lúculo obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Our project was born in 2004, by the hand of Juan Glaria in Mendigorría (Navarra); specifically, in the Baja Montaña area of the Denomination of Origin of Navarra. In 2006, we joined our project to the Bodega de Mendigorría, where the aging in barrels is being carried out, as well as the bottling of our wines. It is an old cooperative winery from the 1950s, restored and renovated in all the elements of the production process, in order to convert it into a winery with modern facilities and traditional aesthetics.

In fact, this same year we launched our first red wine: Jardín de Lúculo, made from grenache grapes from old vineyards in the Baja Montaña area. Since then, we have continued to offer a unique experience throughout our Lúculo wines, resulting from the production of the best grenache of Navarra.

Subsequently, after five years of close collaboration in exports, in 2013 the Axial Vinos team became part of our winery. As a result, a new stage started in the story of Bodegas de la Casa de Lúculo. Launching a new young and fresh wine on the market, as well as fruity, which again transmits our philosophy: Cátulo.

"Heritage and sophistication"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades, pertenecientes a BODEGAS LA CASA DE LÚCULO


At Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo, located in Mendigorría, (Navarra), we work small elaborations with selected grapes a la carte. As a result, creating our signature wines, Cátulo and Lúculo, always from the native variety of Navarra: the grenache.

The philosophy which we started this project with, is the same that continues to motivate the creation of our wines. Specifically, to carry out an elaboration that transmits the originality of the vines cultivated in the peculiar conditions of the Baja Montaña. Introducing, in addition with the climatic influence of the Pyrenees, new nuances in the elaborations and aging. Thus, to be able to extol the strong personality of the grenache grape.

Cátulo rosado

Exquisite pink grenache full of flavors of strawberry, raspberry and cherry with floral aromas, as well as a pleasant texture. Elegant and fresh, which is why it is the perfect wine for summer.

Lúculo blanco

A splendid white grenache wine full of citrus and floral aromas. White fruit, juicy pears and grapes are mixed with herbaceous notes and nuances characteristic of barrel maturation, such as walnuts and brooch.

Lúculo Old Wine

Excellent wine of great depth, made with grenache from old vines (over 95 years old). Therefore, aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. Bursting with flavors of red berries, cherry liqueur, and black currant, as well as toast and violets.

Our sustainable grape seed

At Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo, we make wines in a natural way, without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

We carry out all the winemaking processes in a natural way, from the harvest to the bottling. As a consequence, emissions from transport are reduced, as well as the amount of waste.

At La Casa de Lúculo we believe in ecology as the sustenance of nature. For this reason, we offer a unique experience throughout our wines, which results from the production of the best grenache of Navarra.