The winery Bodegas Gil Family obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

The scarlet red of the red wines from the Priorat region, where the territory of the Montsant Designation of Origin is located, persists in memory as its symphony of nuances does on the palate. It is the complexity of its structure of taste which encourages us to unravel the memory of black cherries, the flash of spices and roasts, as well as the mineral depth.

The secret of this wealth of flavors is much more palpable than the romantic legends that populate the history of the Montsant mountain range. For this reason, the wines of Can Blau combine disparate grapes with the gift of a necromancer.

The grape of Cariñena, which is rich in tannins, is harvested from the clayey valleys. In the abrupt reliefs of limestone rock the tasty clusters of syrah grow . There is also a Priory of old and dark slate, which sees the grenache grape sprout.

The spell produced by the meeting of the three varieties in different proportions, alone or with others, gives rise to the red wines that Cellers Can Blau produces. Just as the young Blau is present for any pairing, before tablecloths with roasts, game meats, mushrooms and ripened cheeses, Can Blau and Mas de Can Blau make their way with authority.


Dos botellas de vino, correspondientes a las variedades Blau y Can Blau, dispuestas de forma horizontal, una frente a otra. BODEGAS GIL FAMILY.

With the land, because it is our legacy, and it must last for future generations. The attachment to the landscape has led us to put all the means to reduce our footprint, as well as thanking to it for the fruits of each summer. Therefore, we use clean energy, energy efficiency systems and water optimization.

With the natural diversity of the seeds, as well as with the native strains, which have harmonized their essence over the centuries with the character of each producing region. We value the patience to wait for natural maturation, as well as the limited production of the old vines.

With the quality experience that a good wine provides. To guarantee a high level product in each bottle, but always affordable to any wine lover. For this reason, we have rigorous controls throughout the process and specialist winemakers.


It is the true expression of the Mediterranean grenache. Offering the characteristic fruity flavor of the variety, while preserving freshness, a consequence of the Moncayo’s influence on the nature of the vineyard.

Can Blau

Grenache vineyards planted in metamorphic rock soils, known as llicorella, along with Cariñena vines that grow in clay soils. In addition, the syrah in limestone soils gives rise to a highly complex wine, which has remained in French oak barrels.

Mas de Can Blau

The result of a careful selection of our best planted in rocky soils grenache, known as llicorella, along with Cariñena vines in clay soils and syrah in limestone soils. Consequently, the limited production wine spend 18 months in French oak barrels.

Our sustainable grape seed

Cellers Can Blau carries out sustainable viticulture in our vineyards.

The winery is self-sufficient, as a result, we get all the energy from our solar garden.

The conditioning of the air is natural; as well as the winery has been built with natural energy efficiency systems.