The winery Bodegas Borsao obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodegas Borsao is a pioneer winery in the sector, a leader in the creation of grenache wines. It was born especially with an exportation philosophy. Since the 1980s, we have been selling our wines abroad, following international quality regulations. In addition, we always seek the sustainability of our actions.

In 2020, two important events took place: we opened a new winery, located in Borja. Also, we underwent a study, obtaining the CIRCE sustainability seal, ECO-PROWINE 2020. The premiere of the winery seemed like a good time to certify our wines.

Thus, we are able to establish our commitment with the environment for the coming years. As a result, we value our sustainable practices in the field, our facilities, and our philosophy. This sustainability certification is an added value. The conscious consumer will appreciate it, and it will further differentiate us from competitors.

"The wine that goes beyond the glass"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades, pertenecientes a BODEGAS BORSAO

Our goal is to establish ourselves as world leader with premium grenache wines.

To achieve this, we continue to work in our vineyards, using indigenous clones of garnacha from Aragón. Studying our microclimate, that is, learning about the potential of the different terrains.

We have extensive know-how. In addition, with modern facilities that contribute to the fact that our wines have the best quality.

An added value of our winery is the ECO-PROWINE label. This seal recognizes the wineries in Spain that are committed with the sustainability. Due to this reason, at Bodegas Borsao we promote the continuous improvement of the wine sector at an environmental, economic and social level.

Estuche top

In this pack, you will find the highest quality wines of Borsao, Tres Picos (100% grenache) and Zarihs (100% shiraz) and Berola.

Estuche garnacha

The well-known Borsao Selección, the icon Tres Picos and the last released Cabriola. The perfect gift with the best garnacha from «The Empire of grenache»

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New online store to buy any product from Bodegas Borsao

In Bodegas Borsao we care about the environment

Actions in the vineyards:

  • Use of pheromons, a natural treatment for plagues and so, substitute insecticides. 100% extended in the total surface of vineyards, 2400 hectars.
  • Through the partner cooperatives, we are in the «Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de Aragón», with a surface of around 100 hectares from grenache and shiraz, with an aim of producing an organic wine soon.
  • We protect and encourage planting dry vineyards.
  • We preserve natural resources.
  • We protect alocal clones like the one used in our grenache.
  • We buy in bulk the products for our growers in order to generate less waste and take advantage of the resources.

In the cellar, the tank room, ageing, bottling, warehouse and wine store, we count with:

  • Carbon footprint stamp, compensation and CO2 absorption projects from the «Ministerio de Transición Ecológica y Reto demográfico».
  • Facilities with energy efficiency systems.
  • Use of renewable energy, wind power.
  • Creation, use and maintenance of our own photovoltaic park.
  • Rainwater collection.
  • Water purificartion system.
  • Decrease in diesel consumption.
  • Purchase policy for recycled materials, papers, carton and glass…, etc.
  • Tanks to clasify garbage and to recicle glass, plastics, carton, oil…
  • Charging station for electric vehicles, supporting less polluting transport.
  • Commitment with the territory.
  • Training of employees according to the environmental policy.
  • A social commitment with solidarity centers and «Proyecto Hombre».
  • We support European associations, promoting moderate wine consumption, Wine in Moderation.
  • International quality plans and stamps that ensure the quality of the production process IFS and BRCS.