The winery Bodem Bodegas obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodem Bodegas has Dutch roots and Spanish soil. Bodem means «floor» in Dutch, therefore for us the floor is not just a physical space, it is much more; in fact, it is where all our work and all our enthusiasm begins. The soil, the terroir,… is our way of life, what we live on, and what we live for.

Bodem Bodegas is located in the heart of the Sierra de Algairén; that is, the cradle and birthplace of the grenache grape.

Consequently, the arid climate, and the rugged soils of the Sierra de Algairén, are all that the grenache grape needs: a lot of sun and the exact amount of minerals. For this reason, Las Margas is the reflection of all this. As a result, fruit quality, complexity, freshness and a velvety texture that make up a vibrant and generous wine.

"In the heart of Sierra de Algairén"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades, pertenecientes a BODEGAS BODEM

Cariñena is the great unknown outside of Spain, in other words, the forgotten cradle; however, the place where the grenache grape was born. Its arid climate and rugged soils provide everything this variety needs, specifically, a lot of sun and the exact amount of minerals.

Vineyards: 7 hectares owned, and over 100 controlled hectares of family vineyards, owned by local winegrowers in the Valdejalón region, in the heart of the Sierra de Algairén; that is to say, the place where the grenache variety was born.

Climate: Continental – cold winters and hot summers, therefore, with radical day-night temperature contrast. The characteristic wind of the area «el cierzo», contributes to the dryness of the climate; therefore, it keeps the vineyards free of pests.

Soil: «Margas» soils; that is to say, a type of soil that occurs on limestone rock in the Sierra de Algairén.

Production style: vinification focused on the character of the grape. Wines made with traditional criteria, specifically, using native grape varieties.

Capacity: 1.6 million liters, that is, a high volume.

Las Margas garnacha tinto

Las Margas is a red wine made 100% with the grenache grape, specifically, under the Cariñena Denomination of Origin.

The first wine made in our innovative and family-run Bodem winery, that is, where we combine traditional methods with more modern ones.

Oxte garnacha blanca

Spectacular white grenache from Bodem Bodegas with a very tropical profile, that is, very aromatic and exuberant, with flavors of pineapple and banana.

A wine to enjoy, for example, with pasta, soft and semi-cured cheeses, as well as with poultry.

Oxte tinto the silence

An easy-to-drink coupage, with an intense color and concentrated black fruit flavor, which is complemented by evolved nuances of cocoa and coffee.

Very pleasant structure, with soft tannins and a full body.

Our sustainable grape seed

Bodem Bodegas is certified as a sustainable winery by obtaining the ECO-PROWINE seal. Since its foundation in 2017, the last winery to be part of the Certificate of Origin of Cariñena, has always worked showing a great commitment with the environment.

The sustainable commitment of Bodem Bodegas is based on defending policies that support the environment, such as the fight against climate change and the development of more natural products. A family winery that believes on vegan wines made from native grapes, respecting the terroir, which considers innovation and zero impact as the main axis of its activity.