The winery Bodegas Aragonesas obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

At Bodegas Aragonesas we have been working with grenache since 1956, and we understand it as a way of life. Therefore, we have valued, understood, and respected this variety for centuries.

Our ancestors collected this valuable and historical legacy. Consequently, successive generations have enriched it until reaching the highest levels of prestige and recognition. It is a fundamental part of our heritage, so day by day we strive to continue perfecting its cultivation and production.

Our vineyards are vigorous and robust. Additionally, some of them are centenarians. Thus, they have taken root strongly in this land despite the harsh climate that, in turn, gives them an unmistakable quality and personality.

"A life forged among grenaches"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades, pertenecientes a BODEGAS ARAGONESAS

We have been carefully cultivating our vineyards for centuries, therefore, treasuring an incomparable wine tradition. Our renowned grenache coexists with other varieties, for example, syrah, tempranillo, or cabernet sauvignon. Also merlot, muscatel de grano menudo, verdejo, chardonnay or macabeo.

We have an expert team of winemakers, masters in the production of our famous grenache. Likewise, also the human team that integrates the different departments of the winery. As a result, we managed to produce wines of international recognized prestige.

Garnacha centenaria

Coming from grapes, harvested by hand, from very old vineyards cultivated by the traditional glass system, with a production of less than 1 kg per vine. Aging in new French oak barrels in contact with its own lees for 4 months.


Wine made from the grenache variety. From grapes of different payments seeking more complexity and typicity. 40-50 year old vineyards with a production of less than 1 kg per vine. Aged in new French oak barrels for 9 months.


New wine, obtained from grenache vineyards, selected from among the oldest. Located at 500 and 600 meters of altitude.
The permanence in barrel is 8 months. In the Nabulé, fresh fruit aromas predominate, with tones of wild strawberries.
In the mouth, this wine is refreshing, therefore, it allows us to enjoy its length.

Our sustainable grape seed

At Bodegas Aragonesas, sustainability is essential, which is why it is one of the fundamental axes on which all our work is based. In fact, from the vineyard to the bottle, we try to take care of all the processes in detail, with the aim of being an agent of change in terms of sustainability. Also, we prioritize respect for the environment, a fundamental issue for our raw material. Due to this reason, among the initiatives that we have carried out at Bodegas Aragonesas with the aim of being able to become part of the Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP), we would like to highlight:

  • In our vineyards, we carry out responsible tasks and treatments, therefore, almost completely eliminating the use of insecticides. In this way, we have launched several projects to optimize and reduce the use of fungicides and other phytosanitary products. In addition, we develop different quality programs to preserve and promote old rainfed vineyards, which are more respectful to the environment.
  • In the latest expansion of the Bodegas Aragonesas facilities, we have opted for electrical self-generation with the installation of a photovoltaic park. Therefore, it allows us to supply more than 40% of our annual consumption. In the same way, we have opted for efficient machinery and lighting, which has led to a reduction of more than 20% in consumption.
  • The use of water is essential in our production process, in fact, we have launched a program to optimize and save consumption, which is very important to achieve the sustainability objectives of the winery.