The winery Bodegas LAUS obtains the Eco-Prowine stamp.

Our history

Bodega LAUS was founded in 2002. The winery is like an ‘island in Somontano’, surrounded by water, vineyards, flowers, sun, air… That is, life. LAUS comes from Latin, meaning ‘compliment, praise, consideration’, a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of this Somontano winery. The logo symbolizes the land in the yi-king symbology, therefore, it represents our essence, the territory, the soil on which our vineyard is based.

The LAUS vineyard is distributed in various areas of the Somontano, with different soils, located at an altitude between 350 and 400 meters above sea level. As a result, they provide special qualities to the grape, thus obtaining white, rosé and red wines with their own personality.

"Passion from the ground"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados de diferentes variedades pertenecientes a Bodega LAUS

Our wines silently keep the secrets of this privileged land for the cultivation of the vine, the Somontano. In this way, showing the passion of the winemaker by creating wines full of sensations, which are waiting to be discovered when uncorking a bottle of LAUS.

LAUS rosado

Attractive pale pink color and crystalline appearance. It is very clean and fruity on the nose, with clear hints of strawberry and sweets. Also, red and violet fruits. On the mouth is sweet, fresh and with a smooth passage on the palate. In conclusion, a very pleasant and balanced wine.

LAUS tinto crianza

Made with the best cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes, as well as aged for 8 months in mixed barrels. As a result, this red wine shows an intense nose that reveals its passage through the barrel: vanilla and spices, as well as candied fruit.

LAUS chardonnay

Obtained from our best chardonnay, this wine preserves all the fruity aromas of the variety, thanks to a careful and meticulous elaboration. As a consequence, it is complex and elegant, where citrus aromas stand out, as well as tropical ones (pineapple and ripe banana).

Our sustainable grape seed

Everything at LAUS revolves around the nature. Our winery is like an «island», with the Origin Certificate of Somontano (Huesca), in the municipality of Barbastro: surrounded by water, vineyards and flowers, as well as sun, air… In other words, nature and life. In short, to record that at LAUS we work the vineyard in a sustainable way. As a result, to obtain a grape of the highest quality, always respecting the natural environment that surrounds and inspires us. For this reason, we transmit this idea from our building, environment, vines, team and, of course, it is channeled into the result of all this: our vegan wines.

It is no coincidence that our logo symbolizes the earth in the yi-king symbology and represents, ultimately, our essence: the territory; the soil on which our vineyard sits. This is because the land shows us the way to make LAUS to honor its Latin meaning: «compliment, praise, consideration».