The winery Bodegas Esteban Martín obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodegas Esteban Martín is a family business founded in 2003 by Miguel Antonio Esteban and Asunción Martín. The winery, from the beginning, has opted always for respecting the environment. In the same way, it is a pioneer in the use of different sustainable viticulture techniques.

To make honest, quality and environmentally friendly wines. That is to say, sustainable wines with the environment, and that express the characteristics of the land. Thus, 30% of our area is used for organic vineyards. As a result, we have managed to reduce our environmental impact.

In fact, Esteban Martín was a pioneer with the use of pheromones. Now, it is with ozone spraying, an ecological treatment which is already used in 40% of the vineyard. In addition, since a few years ago, it has been certified as vegan.

"The emotion of the grenache"

Conjunto de vinos agrupados (ULULA, 6 Meses, 12 Meses y Niño Mimado) de diferentes variedades pertenecientes a Bodega Esteban Martin

Located at the feet of the Iberian Mountain Range, in the heart of the Ebro valley, our vineyards occupy an extraordinary place for the development of our activity.

We have a Certificated Protected Origin of Cariñena, the so-called «wine of the stones», due to the rocky terrain.

The climate in this area is very extreme, with very hot summers and very cold winters, as well as a north wind called ‘cierzo’, which maintains the healthiness of the vineyard.

Rains are infrequent, in addition to temperature fluctuations, which are usually extreme; so the vines have a great personality and character.

Esteban Martín 12 meses

Balanced on the palate, smooth, unctuous and ripe, with fine tannins reminiscent that remind of an optimal harvest, and final notes of nuts.

Niño Mimado garnacha

The palate is lively and fresh, complex, with the grace of grenache. On the other hand, the finish is medium long and very expressive.


A wine that looks at nature and listens to its sounds, that perceives echoes and murmurs.

Our sustainable grape seed

We are committed to viticulture and sustainable oenology. We are aware of the environmental impact of the used resources, both in the cultivation of vines, as well as in the production of wine. Therefore, we carried out more effective actions to improve environmental performance. In particular, with the identification of specific critical points, and the development of a continuous improvement plan.