The main objective of ECO-PROWINE is to provide an evaluation and benchmarking framework as a guide to reducing the environmental impacts caused by the EU wine sector, at the winery level, without altering the quality of the final product.

It is an environmental sustainability label «ECO-PROWINE«, obtained through the study, analysis and evaluation of its own methodology endorsed by the European Commission, based on the Life Cycle analysis, specific for the wine production chain, which allows producers to self-analyze their manufacturing processes, in order to detect the environmental loads, as well as costs and main social aspects which determine the winery´s sustainable profile.

Following this analysis, actions for improvement are proposed in order to reduce the associated impacts and ensure the wine manufacturing process in a more efficient and environmental friendly process.

Once the winery demonstrates that it is within the European reference and commits to improving the environmental behavior of its processes, it will obtain the ECO-PROWINE label, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of the environmental profile of the sector, along with the optimization of costs and social aspects. A periodic validation of the winery’s improvement activities is required in order to retain the label.

This stamp will allow producers who have significantly improved the environmental impact of their products, to be recognized by consumers, using a specific logo applied on bottle labels and promotional dossiers.



It recognizes and rewards wineries committed to environmental sustainability and achieving predefined sustainability actions.


It brings several potential benefits for wineries, helping them being different from their competitors and attract the attention of conscious consumers.


It promotes and facilitates the internationalization of products to other countries from the European Union.


It helps consumers recognize wine produced in a more sustainable way, from an environmental, social and economic point of view and in turn, it is a scenario for wineries to be distinguished. In addition, the QR code printed on the label allows consumers to obtain information about such actions from wineries. This allows consumers to gain confidence in sustainable options.


In addition, the ECO-PROWINE methodology study, analysis and evaluation procedure allows producers to have a clear view of their own actions, understanding that improving is  beneficial and how these improvements could be made.


It increases the recognition of the winery, due to the different campaigns promoting the label, as well as promoting it on the ECO-PROWINE website, where each winery will have its microsite aimed at promoting its products.