The winery Bodegas Katxiña obtains the ECO-PROWINE stamp.

Our history

Bodega Katxiña was founded in 2014 to bring all of you the txakoli, which has been made by our family during generations. It is located in the middle of 8 hectares of vineyard, facing South, as well as exposed on a hillside that ends in the Oria River.

In fact, our father, José Miguel Zendoia, has been the promoter of Txakoli Katxiña. The vines of Hondarrabi Zuri have framed the entrance to his farmhouse since long before his memory reaches. As a result, during generations it has been a family tradition to make Txakoli to enjoy with friends and family.

Our parents, 40 years ago, opened a grilled meat and fish joint called Asador Katxiña, where following the instructions of their predecessors, they made and tasted their txakoli. We knew that we wanted to make a txakoli according to the current palate, balanced and pleasant. For this reason, we chose the best land, planted 8 hectares of vineyards, and built a winery on half of them. In 2014, we launched the first Txakoli Katxiña onto the market; it was a real pleasure to be able to present it at the grill table, as well as to officially start the Katxiña wineries.

"Tradition and care"

Dos botellas de vinos Txakoli Katxiña

First, this variety came from Northeastern Europe in the Middle Ages. The Christian monks who traveled the Camino de Santiago created monasteries with vineyards along the way. As a result, over time, this variety has been made to this land of seas and mountains.

Txakoli Katxiña

The fruity character of the variety, combined with the breeze from the Cantabrian Sea, makes Txakoli Katxiña a fresh and vibrant wine, as well as fruity and fine. For this reason, the aromatic intensity is distributed very well in the mouth, and leaves a pleasant and lasting taste.

Our sustainable grape seed

To enjoy the nature among the vineyards and taste the Txakoli Katxiña white wine that we make, while discovering the flavors of the fishing village of Orio. In any case, always with the security that marks excellence.