How can it be obtained?

Detailed evaluation of the winery according to the ECO-PROWINE methodology

Obtaining the Environmental Indicator.

Presentation of the validation results

Obtaining the accreditation and
receiving the label

Promotion of the winery on the ECO-PROWINE website






The overall indicator is a number, which increases if the environmental impact does. Therefore, the higher the overall indicator, the greater the impact of that winery on the environment, and the lower the sustainability of the environment. Wineries that obtain a value from the overall indicator (which encompasses economic and social issues) lower than the European reference value, have the right to use the label.

Once the problem areas within the winemaking process have been identified, an assessment is carried out where improvement actions are proposed, in order to reduce the associated impacts.

When the validation process is complete, the results are provided, as well as the label and a guide on how to position and in what format it can be used for wine bottles produced by the rewarded winery.

Once approved, the ECO-PROWINE staff will promote the winery in a section of their website. In addition, a specific section of the website is dedicated for the QR code specific to each winery.